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Nitrogen Fixers

Locust, Honey 2'' plugs $3, Quart pots $6, Gallon* pots $12


Thornless Seedling Locust, Honey (Gleditsia triacanthos): Seedlings from a grove of thornless parent trees.  There is a small chance that some may develop thorns as they get older.  Fast growing, tall and spreading trees create dappled rather than deep shade.  Can take a variety of soil types, known for being able to grow in polluted, compacted urban soils.  Pods are an excellent livestock feed (nutritionally equivalent to barley grain by sheep and goats) and the pulp is a sugary "nibble" for people too.  Lumber has some rot resistance and is a beautiful honey-red/orange color.  We might have some thorny individuals available if you prefer a tree that protects itself from varmints.  

Small % may develop thorns.  Fast growing, tall, spreading trees make nice shade trees. Seedpods good livestock feed..  Full Sun to part shade.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12





Nitrogen Fixers

Redbud  2'' plugs $3, Quart pots $6, Gallon* pots $12


Seedling Redbud : A legume, but not actually very good at fixing nitrogen.  Nevertheless, this beautiful native ornamental tree with edible flowers deserves a place in your landscape.  

Attractive native landscaping specimen.  Edible flowers taste like pea shoots..  Full to Part Sun.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12

Edible Landscaping

Bamboo  2'' plugs $3, Quart pots $6, Gallon* pots $12



Yellow Groove Bamboo (Phyllostachys aureosulcata): An attractive green bamboo with a yellow groove.  Some canes display a unique zig zag growth pattern.  It optimal conditions it can reach a height of up to 35 ft, with a culm diameter of 2.25 inches diameter.  "Running" bamboo is very invasive.  Plant in an area that you can mow at least a 6' wide path around, bury 2' deep dividers to block runners, or just plan on keeping shoots snapped off on a regular basis where you don't want it to spread.  Tender new shoots are edible, and easy to pick.  

Tall, running, edible shoots, up to 2" diameter.  Full Sun to part shade. 





Basket Willow  2'' plugs $3, Quart pots $6, Gallon* pots $12


Useful, easy-to-grow plants add a unique touch to landscapes.  In addition to their use for basket making, willows root very readily and a tea made from willows can be used to help cuttings from other plants root.  The bark is also a source of salicin, which is metabolized into salicylic acid, a precursor to aspirin. They prefer moist sites in full sun but have proven to be very adaptable.  For growing rods to weave into baskets, they are best managed by coppicing or pollarding in which all or most of the plant is cut off each winter.  This forces new buds to sprout up fast and furious in the spring, creating long, straight shoots without branches.  It also keeps them to a small size since they will all grow into medium-sized trees with time.  Keep away from septic and water lines since their roots are very clever at finding water and nutrient sources!


Dicky Meadows Basket Willow : Mint green, productive and straight basket willow.  

Green, productive basket willow.  Full Sun.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12


Noir de Touraine Basket Willow : Dark brown to black, slender basket willow.  We saw some dieback in the two polar vortex winters on this variety so it's probably not hardy much further north.  

Dark brown, slender basket willow.  Full Sun.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12


Orange Basket Willow : Not sure of the variety but probably 'Britzensis', a beautiful orange to red basket willow.  

Orange to Red basket willow.  Full Sun.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12


Golden Corkscrew Weeping Willow : Branches grow horizontally and twist and curl.  Fast growing shade tree to 30' but can be coppiced/pollarded to keep smaller.  If grown into treeform, it takes on a "weeping willow" appearance.  Branches are great for dry or fresh flower arrangements and add lumpy bumpy interest to basketry projects.  

curly growth habit, fast growing shade to 30'.  Full Sun.  Non-grafted tree pricing: 2'' plugs $3, quart pots $6, gallon* pots $12

We do not ship plants. To reserve plants please either call us, or email us , and schedule an appointment to pick them up. We can also DELIVER  for a fee to our general region.  

*size designations are nominal. We use “trade gallons” (which are slightly less than a gallon) as well as recycled pots that may vary in exact size.  Every plant may not be available in every size listed.  Gallons are common for grafted trees and quarts are most common for everything else.  There are usually a very limited number of two gallon plants available – first come first serve.