Brambleberry Farm
Brambleberry Permaculture Farm LLC

Consulting Services

  We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Permaculture design for urban or suburban home landscapes or rural homesteads.   This includes edible landscaping.
  • Design consulting for natural building, including straw bale and slip straw
  • Energy efficient home design and energy efficient home landscape design
  • Rain water harvesting systems
  • Soil improvement and pasture improvement
  • Market gardening:   Profitable annual produce, berries, tree fruits and livestock
  • Mulch gardening methods
  • Setting up “guilds” of mixed plant species that each help the whole system perform
  • Home-attached solar greenhouse design and maintenance
  • Solar site mapping for plotting sun access for planting or passive solar home design
  • Backyard chicken and other poultry systems
  • Hog, sheep and goose systems for backyard or broad scale farm applications
  • General homesteading questions answered
  • Planting demonstrations, advice and help
  • Pruning demonstrations, advice, and help
  • Fruit tree grafting lessons—learn to graft your own trees!


Consulting Fees:

$30/hour for one-on-one consultations and drafting landscape plans, with a 2 hour minimum charge.   Phone consultations are only $20/hour , with a one hour minimum charge.  Previous consultation references available upon request.

  In an effort to keep our consulting fees affordable, we charge separately for driving time and gas.   To drive to your site we charge 35¢/mile plus $12/hour for driving time.   So for example, a brief consult in Louisville to look at your site with you and recommend placement of trees or suggest energy saving improvements might cost $119.   This is broken down in this way: Louisville is an hour's drive for us and about 50 miles away, so gas would cost $35 and time spent driving would be $24.  The 2 hour consult would cost $60.

Design by Darren Bender-Beauregard for a community garden in Tucson, Arizona, showing techniques for catching and conserving water in this arid landscape.