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Brambleberry Eco-grown Nursery Stock

Since starting Brambleberry Farm in 2003 we have raised a multitude of fruit and berry plants to fruition with only organic practices. We selectively plant out only disease-resistant cultivars and species to boost our chances at overcoming many disease and pest pressures in our humid Midwest climate. What we offer for sale are mostly the plants we’ve had on-the-ground success with, but also some that are not bearing yet but have good potential to be grown successfully without the use of synthetic sprays.

As ecological farmers, we feel very strongly about the importance of living soils . We grow our plants in potting mix containing a high volume of live compost , peat moss, pine bark nuggets, composted chicken manure and alfalfa meal. We believe that these plants are much healthier, happier, and less prone to insect, disease, and drought pressures as a result of their living soil. In addition, they will inoculate your own soils wherever you plant them with beneficial microorganisms and fungi!


Newly grafted fruit trees, seedlings, and hardwood cuttings



Open Saturdays 9-5 in April and May.  See Facebook page for updates.  We do not have a storefront with regular hours.  Please call   or email us (see bottom of page) to schedule an appointment.  We can make appointments any day of the week (except Sunday mornings). 

Ordering and Pick-up:

Some plants are available in limited quantity — first come first serve.  To reserve plants please either call us or email us.  We are happy to hold an order for you for up to 4 weeks without a deposit. Orders to be held longer than this require a 25% non-refundable deposit. 

Note that  we do not ship plants  (with the exception of scionwood, comfrey root cuttings, and sunchoke tubers).  Orders are pick-up only - please call/email to schedule an appointment, or we can DELIVER for a fee to our general region. 


We DO NOT SHIP plants (with the exception of scionwood, comfrey root cuttings, and sunchoke tubers).  We can arrange door-to-door delivery for large orders.  Delivery fees for door-to-door service are 35¢/mile plus $12/hour.  So for example, a delivery to Louisville, which is an hour’s drive for us and about 50 miles away, would cost $35 for gas and $30 for labor (2 hours on the road and 1/2 an hour to find the place and unload, etc.). This could be worth your while if you are interested in a personal consultation for your landscape or garden.  See our consulting fees.  For plant orders over $600, we can deliver for no charge to areas within one hour’s drive of us.  You also save via quantity discounts this way.  Go together with friends or neighbors on a group order and save!


The State of Indiana requires us to add sales tax (unless we are delivering to you out of state)!  Prices do not include tax.

Everything except grafted trees:   Quart pots $6.00; one gallon pots* $12.00; two gallon pots* $22.00

Grafted varieties:  one gallon*  $16.00, two gallon pots* $26.00 

*size designations are nominal. We use “trade gallons” (which are slightly less than a gallon) as well as recycled pots that may vary in exact size.  There are a limited number of two gallon plants available – first come first serve. 

Quantity Discounts

Quantity discounts: 15% off $200-$599; 25% off over $600.

Call for larger discounts for larger orders.

If you have large project requiring dozens of plants for a more affordable price, contact us and we can possibly custom raise smaller plug-type stock for lower prices.  

Quantity discounts apply to the total after any sale prices are taken off.  

Scionwood and Cutting Stock

We have a decent selection of scionwood available for purchase from our grafted fruit trees.  We also may have extra cutting stock from our berry pruning if you are interested in propagating your own plants.   Please call or email for a list of what varieties are available at any given time.   We’re happy to ship these propagation units at non-dormant times of the year, such as bud wood for summer bud grafting.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Scionwood is $2 per stick (approx 12”), minimum order 10 sticks.  Economy shipping is $5 for up to 20 sticks, Priority mail shipping is $8 for up to 20 sticks. 

Seasonal Availability

The widest selection will be available starting around mid to late May.  We also have a more limited selection that you can purchase anytime, including through the winter months.  Since we offer potted plants, they may be successfully planted at any time of the year, unlike bare-root stock.   We still recommend planting earlier summer and later fall, especially if you have hot, dry summers.   If planting in the middle of the summer, potted nursery stock can still do very well but must be kept watered until established.


Most stock is young, current year rooted cuttings and grafted one-year rootstocks.   Some that are left from last year will be one-year+ plants.   Note that we will only sell plants which we feel are vigorous and very likely to succeed.


Since we do not ship plants, customers can see and select from the plants available to ensure that they receive a quality, viable plant.   However, if you feel like a plant did not succeed due to an error on our part, please let us know and we are happy to work with you to come up with a fair solution.  We will first offer replacement plants if they are available, and if not we will offer money back.  We do not guarantee plants past the current year's growing season - i.e. plants that die over the winter are not eligible for replacement. 

Simple Plant list (See menu items for detailed pdf catalog)

 Seed Sterile Comfrey


 Japanese Perennial Bunching Onion

 Orange Daylilly

 Ostrich Fern

 Emerald Carpet Groundcover Raspberry

 Red Stem Rhubarb

 Purple Chives

 Brambleberry's Bombproof Big Bulbil Garlic


 Celandine Poppy Stylophorum

 Dwarf Baptisia (Blue False Indigo)

 Dragon's Blood Clover

 Pentaphyllum Clover

 Mignonette Alpine Strawberry

 Pineapple Yellow Alpine Strawberry

 Eversweet standard Strawberry

 Virginia-native Wild Strawberry

 Smooth Red Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke)

 Supernova Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke)

 Bob Gordon American Elderberry

 Wild American Elderberry

 Wyldewood American Elderberry

 McKenzie Aronia (black chokeberry)

 Seedling from 'Nero' Aronia (black chokeberry)

 Botany Shop Goji Berry

 Seedling of 'Sweet Scarlet' Goumi berry

 Borealis Haskap Honeyberry

 Pollinizer Haskap Honeyberry

 Tundra Haskap Honeyberry

 Phillips Highbush Cranberry

 Earliblue Northern Highbush Blueberry

 St. Cloud Northern Highbush Blueberry

 Patriot Northern Highbush Blueberry

 Bluray Northern Highbush Blueberry

 Bluecrop Northern Highbush Blueberry

 Berkley Northern Highbush Blueberry

 Jewel Black Raspberry

 Mac Black Black Raspberry

 Autumn Bliss Red Raspberry

 Caroline Red Raspberry

 Joan J Thornless Red Raspberry

 Natchez Thornless Blackberry

 Triple Crown Thornless Blackberry

 Pink Hip Rose

 White Hip Rose

 Seedling Yellowhorn

 Celeste Hardy Figs

 Chicago Hardy Hardy Figs

 LSU Gold Hardy Figs

 Magnolia Hardy Figs

 Vern's Brown Turkey Hardy Figs

 Lubimi Hardy Pomegranate

 Salavatski Hardy Pomegranate

 Amorpha False Indigo Bush

 Seedling Siberian Pea Shrub

  Black Currant

 Candysweet Gooseberry

 Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry

 Pink Round Gooseberry


  Red Currant

 Redfree Apple

 Mollie's Delicious Apple

 Geneva Crabapple Apple

 Liberty Apple

 Chestnut Crab Apple

 Mutsu (Crispin) Apple

 Hudson's Golden Gem Apple

 Arkansas Black Apple

 Antonovka seedlings Apple

 Balaton Cherry, Sour

 Sumadinka Cherry, Sour

 Montmorency Cherry, Sour

 Northstar Cherry, Sour

 Carmine Jewel Cherry, Sour

 Nanking Bush Cherry seedling Cherry, Sour

 Sam Cherry, Sweet

 Gold Cherry, Sweet

 Lapins Cherry, Sweet

 Harrow Diamond Peach

 Reliance Peach

 Raritan Rose Peach

 Redskin Peach

 Fleenor Wild White Seedling Peach

 Sunrise Pear

 Red Clapps (Kalle) Pear

 Harrow Delight Pear

 Blake's Pride Pear

 Red Bartlett Pear

 Shinseiki Asian Pear Pear

 Shenandoah Pear

 Keiffer Pear

 Potomac Pear

 Honeysweet Pear

 Korean Giant Asian Pear Pear

 Seedling Pear (not grafted) Pear

 Methley Plum, Asian

 Satsuma Plum, Asian

 Shiro Plum, Asian

 Seneca Plum, European

 Stanley Plum, European

 Yellow Groove Bamboo

 Dicky Meadows Basket Willow

 Noir de Touraine Basket Willow

 Orange Basket Willow

 Golden Corkscrew Weeping Willow

 Seedless Che (Chinese Melon Berry)

 Julian Asian Dogwood

 Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

 Seedling Asian Dogwood

 Flying Dragon Trifoliate Orange Hardy Citrus

 Collier Mulberry

 Gerardi Dwarf Mulberry

 Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

 Korean Kokuso Mulberry

 Lawson Dawson Mulberry

 Sweet Lavender Mulberry

 Viola's Lavender Mulberry

 seedling (not grafted) Mulberry

 Mango Pawpaw

 NC-1 Pawpaw

 Overleese Pawpaw

 Sunflower Pawpaw

 seedling (not grafted) Pawpaw

 seedling (not grafted) from improved varieties Pawpaw

 DEC Goliath American Persimmon Persimmon

 DEC Miller X American Persimmon Persimmon

 Early Golden American Persimmon Persimmon

 Seedling Persimmon

 Seedling Serviceberry

 Thornless Seedling Locust, Honey

 Seedling Redbud

 Seedling Chestnut, American x Chinese

 (Improved variety) seedling Chestnut, Chinese

 Seedling English Walnut

 Eastern Star Female Ginkgo

 Jade Butterfly male Ginkgo

 Pyramidal Form male Ginkgo

 Salem Lady Female Ginkgo

 Seedling Ginkgo

 Native Eastern seedlings Hazelnut

 Peace River Improved Native seedlings Hazelnut

 seedlings of 'Jefferson' Hazelnut

 Seedling Heartnut

 Korean Pine Nut Pine

 Lacebark Pine Nut Pine

 seedling of 'Kanza' Improved Northern Pecan

 LSU Groundnut

 Maypop, improved Passion Fruit

 Concord Blue Seeded Grape

 Canadice pink-red Seedless Table Grape

 Mars Blue Seedless Table Grape

 Reliance Pink Seedless Table Grape

 Sweet Seduction Yellow Seedless Table Grape

 Catawba Wine Grape

 Steuben Wine Grape

 Annanasnaya Female Hardy Kiwi

 Dumbarton Oaks Female Hardy Kiwi

 Issai Hardy Kiwi

 Ken's Red Female Hardy Kiwi

 Male Hardy Kiwi