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We are transitioning to a spreadsheet version of our catalog in order to provide regular updates about availability of plant inventory. Use the pull down menu above to search categories, or browse the whole catalog below if you're ambitious.  If you use the pull down menus in the spreadsheet below you may lose formatting. Simply refresh the page to get it back. I'm not deleting the old list yet, so please excuse the extra clutter in the meantime. Please let us know what you think about the new spreadsheet format. Thanks so much!

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Brambleberry Eco-grown Nursery Stock

Since starting Brambleberry Farm in 2003, we have raised a multitude of fruit and berry plants to fruition with only organic practices. We selectively plant out only disease-resistant cultivars and species to boost our chances at overcoming many disease and pest pressures in our humid Midwest climate. What we offer for sale are mostly the plants we’ve had on-the-ground success with, but also some that are not bearing yet but have good potential to be grown successfully without the use of synthetic sprays.


Newly grafted fruit trees, seedlings, and hardwood cuttings


As ecological farmers, we feel very strongly about the importance of living soils.  We grow our plants in potting mix containing a high volume of live compost, peat moss, pine bark nuggets, composted chicken manure and alfalfa meal.  We believe that these plants are much healthier, happier, and less prone to insect, disease, and drought pressures as a result of their living soil.  In addition, they will inoculate your own soils wherever you plant them with beneficial microorganisms and fungi!  

Shade structures build from locally harvested and milled red cedar
Gallon size plants

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