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All of our European pear varieties are said to be resistant to fireblight, though in Spring 2012 it plagued nearly all of our pears, even the supposedly resistant ones. Our Asian pears actually had less fireblight than the European ones. Pears are one of the easiest tree fruits to grow under organic conditions. Many insect pests which affect apples cannot propagate themselves in the very dense pear fruitlets—their larvae are actually crushed as the pear grows. Thus you may end up with some feeding scars and grit cells but have a perfectly fine fruit otherwise.  They do well in clay soils and can usually take wet soils better than apples or stonefruits.  Pears can take a little while to get established and get growing, and also are later in bearing their first fruit (4-6 yrs) than other fruit trees. All pears grafted on semi-dwarf Old Home x Farmingdale 333 rootstock, which can be maintained at 14’ tall. Space pears 14-16’ apart. gallon pot* $16 +tax


Need two varieties, all are compatible pollenizers with each other, though Asian pears are best pollinated by another Asian pear.

‘Sunrise' Pear : Early August.  Earliest ripening pear we offer.  Bartlett-type fruit with slightly narrower neck and a pleasant orange-red blush on its cheek.  Fireblight resistant!  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘Red Clapps' (Kalle) Pear : Mid-August.  Large all-red fruit with pure-white grit-free flesh.  A sport of the well-loved 'Clapp's Favorite' pear.  Early-season ripening.  Not fireblight-resistant.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘HARROW DELIGHT' Pear : Mid-August.  Beautifully colored and shaped early pear with buttery-smooth flesh.  The neck is a little more elongated and fat, the blush a bit more deeply red, and the fruit a little smaller than Bartlett.  Supposedly fireblight-resistant, but ours died over the course of 3 years after the severe fireblight breakout in 2012.  We are thus phasing it out in favor of Sunrise.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  

‘Red Bartlett' Pear : Late August.  Striking red-skinned sport of Bartlett, this is the red pear you see at the grocery store.  Actually a little sweeter, higher sugar content than regular Bartlett.  Slightly less vigorous growth.  Not fireblight resistant but we wanted to offer some all-red pears for trial.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax   


‘SHINSEIKI' ASIAN PEAR Pear : Late August.  A very early and refined Asian pear with smooth, yellow skin and excellent flavor.  Crisp and juicy!  Asian pears are known to be very easy to care for and have a more spreading growth habit like an apple as compared to the more tall/slender pyramidal form of European pears.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘SHENANDOAH' Pear : Mid-September.  One of the latest-ripening European varieties.  A large, all-green pear with smooth skin and flavor similar to Bartlett, but very resistant to fireblight.  Stores well, up to 5 months.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘KEIFFER' Pear : Late September.  Large golden-yellow fruit with slight russeting and sometimes an orange/red blush.  Incredibly juicy, very course-textured flesh which is where its nickname "sand pear" comes from.  For fresh eating, some folks adore them and others turn up their nose at the gritty flesh.  They have a deep flavor with a hint of astringency which I find refreshing in a world of very mild, sweet pears.  Exceptionally good as dried pears and make good preserves.  Probably the best thing about them is their long-known trait of being able to thrive in almost any conditions--they are pretty much immune to insect and disease troubles.  Some nurseries claim that Keiffer is self-fertile but we have not been able to substantiate that.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘HONEYSWEET' Pear : Late September.  Many nurseries claim that 'Seckel' pear is very fireblight resistant; however we lost ours and two other friends in southern IN lost theirs to the 2012 fireblight epidemic.  One of these friends has a 'Honeysweet' pear right next to the spot where the 'Seckel' was and it went through that blight year just fine.  With that real-world experience, we are now offering 'Honeysweet' in place of 'Seckel'.  It's fruit is very similar to 'Seckel' with buttery-smooth, chewy flesh, tender skin and a lightly spicy, cinnamon flavor; but it is a little larger in size.  Supposedly self-fertile, though it will bear more with a second variety.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘KOREAN GIANT' ASIAN PEAR Pear : Mid October.  Also known as ’Olympic’, this is the huge, russeted, olive-green skinned, softball-sized pear one finds in natural food stores and international grocery stores.  Very crispy and juicy, and long storing for a pear.  Requires a long season to ripen—fine in our area, but no guarantees for further north.  Slightly more insect and disease resistant than ’Shinseiki’.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: gallon* pots $16; 2-gal* pots $26 +tax  


‘Seedling Pear (not grafted) Pear : Sourced from our Korean Giant fruits and local wild keiffer types.  NOT grafted so every one is a surprise :) These will have a variety of different fruit shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Start your very own new variety!  These would also be great full-size rootstock to graft onto--they'll get anywhere from 20'-40' tall.  Full Sun.  Size & Price: Quart pots $6; gallon* pots $12 +tax